Green Minds Creative Commissions

All of those skills we have really honed as artists, we are inviting other people to take part in. Artists are always on the lookout using all of our senses to interrogate the world.

Rachel Dobbs - Artist, Facilitator and Commission Lead, Micro Sapling Commission

We have been working with local creatives to connect people with nature through art! For these projects, we teamed up with the University of Plymouth and Art University Plymouth, who guided the creatives with their expertise. Watch the film and read the report below to find out all about these incredible, creative projects...

Creative Commissions Evaluation Film

I used to work at the Dockyard making steel at the foundry, and you bring stuff in to make steel. I understand that, but what I didn’t understand was taking flowers and this little weak stem, which turned out to be a very strong stem. And you can make ropes that can take tonnes, literally tonnes. And I didn’t understand how that was possible.

Ron - Workshop Participant, Generation Restoration Creative Commission