Living Lab

Data is an important tool to help us understand what is happening in our natural environment and the impact of human activity. Working with Plymouth University we have used digital technologies such as sensors in our parks and green spaces that have been monitoring wildlife activity, air quality, temperature, humidity, and the number of visitors.

We have engaged artists and residents to help us share the data in ways which are meaningful and accessible. Bringing the data alive to people in creative ways has helped us to understand and adapt the way we care for, use and manage our urban natural spaces in ways which benefit people and wildlife.

Data about our green and blue spaces

We have made live data from across our city available - this includes data from our parks and green spaces like air quality and the health of the plants and trees.

Temperature in Plymouth at the moment

So, what are we looking at here? Well, along the vertical line, we have the temperature, and along the horizontal line, we have the time. We can see how the temperature goes up and down according to the time of day and any warm spells or cold snaps we might experience over 24 hours.

Browse our data sets

If you are interested in using our data feeds for your own projects, you can find a list of available feeds here:

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