Green Minds Creative Commissions

We are excited to be working with local creatives to connect people with nature through art! For these projects, we have teamed up with the University of Plymouth and Plymouth College of Art, who will be guiding the creatives with their expertise. Scroll down to find out more about the projects...

Thorody Flax Project

Meet Vicky from the Thorody Flax project, supported by the Low Carbon Devon project, Creative Industries. Vicky will be working with a community in the west of the city to sow, nurture, and harvest a field of flax. From this harvest she will make material with the community

Tom Milnes Augmented Reality Project

Tom is working on an exciting rewilding augmented reality experience, using state of the art technology, with the support of Plymouth College of Art. The augmented reality experience will allow users to glimpse into what a rewilded Plymouth could look like. Here's Tom explaining his project...

Wild Stories with Creative Arts

We are working with Gin and Andy to create a dynamic, exciting storytelling experience in the west of the city, supported by the Low Carbon Devon project, Creative Industries. Gin and Andy are going to work with local communities to harvest creative responses to nature.

Student Art Commissions with The Village Hub

We're excited to introduce you to The Village Hub, based at Blockhouse Park. They'll be overseeing the Green Minds 'Saplings' Creative Commission, working with students from Plymouth College of Art, and the local community, to bring some beautiful, nature-inspired artwork to Blockhouse Park.

Find out more about our other work with The Village Hub here!

Roots in Nature with Beyond Face CIC!

We're looking forward to working with Beyond Face CIC On their Roots In Nature creative commission. Their project will include wonderful, creative workshops- from movement sessions, to craft opportunities, based in Devnport park. Find out more below...