Webinar: Action for Insects

Insects make the world go round - pollinating and recycling, managing the soil, preventing any one species dominating (becoming a pest) and a food source themselves for many larger animals. Insects are in decline - rapid decline - due to the way we choose to live. But we know that insect populations can recover swiftly with a little help and space. We can make different choices and help reverse the decline in insects. Starting at home and within Plymouth’s green and blue spaces we can link to a nationwide change - let's help insects help the world keep turning.

In 2020, with support from the Future Parks Accelerator programme, Plymouth City Council took a radical new approach to grass cutting. After gathering evidence to show that there are twice the number of pollinating insects and species found in meadow areas compared with amenity grassland, the Council decided to reduce the amount of grass being cut on over 1000 areas across the city, to support more plant and animal species where they can thrive. Plymouth City Council want to build on this approach and plan to expand wildflower areas in 2021.

Hosted by Chris Avent and introduced by Cllr Dann, Plymouth City Council Portfolio Holder for Environment and Street Scene, we are delighted to introduce Ed Parr-Ferris, Conservation Manager at Devon Wildlife Trust, to share their campaign on Action for Insects and actions we can all take to restore insect populations.

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