Meet Plymouth's Boat Poets!

We are excited to be teaming up with Boat Poets to offer 2 Plymouth-based writers a writing residency opportunity. During this residency, the poets will be exploring a language of rewilding, inspired by muddy spaces, leafy spaces, soggy spaces, and wild spaces!

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First up, meet Shaday...

"I'm a performance poet exploring how vulnerability and empowerment can co-exist in a charmingly LOUD way. My poetry varies from comedy to reflection, I like writing text that is daring and puts a twist on whatever topic I am working with. I’m not afraid to make art that is unconventionally potent. The Boat poets residency will give me a stronger sense of artistic Identity and knowledge as it will allow me to embark on a journey of creative discovery. A chance to learn and grow from experts in the field from mentoring to discovering new ways of working to developmental workshops. An increase in exposure to a broader network of creatives on the residency like the Bristol and London artists. A chance to explore poetry and its connection to Plymouth’s rivers, harbours and waterfronts. The sea connects us all together, so it will be interesting to see what route ( AKA waterway!) this project will take. Despite my Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, I am actively trying to push further as a poet in 2022!"

Recent Achievements include:

Poetry Spork! Slam winner 2022

Contestant for the BBC Words first scheme 2021

Showreel of work:

Shaday the Artist - Showreel - YouTube

Click play to watch Shaday's poem: 'Me and the 3 Fishy's'...


Here's a bit about Kane...

''My name is Kane John Mills, and I’m a Poet, and a Dance, Theatre and Spoken Word Artist (Writer, Performer, Maker/Choreographer, Facilitator, and Director). I love to write and create work that seeks to challenge societal norms, educate, highlight and fight injustice, and uplift and champion those who experience marginalisation.

I write to try and understand this messy world, and aim to make it a more accessible one.

Drawing upon lived experience as well as observation, I explore the mundane, magical, personal, political, micro, and macro, and believe my words are for everyone (especially anybody who feels ‘othered’, unheard, and/or unseen).

As a gay, Disabled, and Neurodivergent person from a low socio-economic background, I can sometimes feel like society doesn’t really like (or support) people like me very much, and I recognise that every time I write poetry that it’s a subtle (and sometimes blatant) rebellion against that, and a reminder to others that we do belong.

I’m passionate about the environment/nature and our relationship/responsibilities towards it, and would relish the invaluable opportunity to undertake a residency that would exponentially further my practice, and help me to grow, develop and further connect with my city, and other like-minded creatives.''

Example of work

Please find a poem of mine titled ‘Fluid’ at the following YouTube link

Web link

Please find a couple other examples of Kane's work at the following Vimeo link –