Nature experiences in the immersive dome!

Nature meets the big screen as we work with Real Ideas Organisation's Market Hall team to create immersive, wild experiences!

Through our work with Real Ideas Organisation, Green Minds is creating and sharing a series of immersive nature experiences in their new Market Hall dome, based in Devonport.

These experiences use cutting edge technology to immerse audiences in creative interactions with different environments- imagined and real!

We worked alongside Art & Energy's 'Moth's To A Flame' project to populate the dome with animated moths, designed by Plymouth's children. Similarly, we have also supported Pollenize CIC in their Seeds for Schools project, in which all school children across the city received a seed packet, and the opportunity to design a wildflower which would be animated and displayed in the dome- amongst all other children's wildflowers.

We are working alongside the Real Ideas Organisation team to create another immersive nature experience, so watch this space!

Find out more about the Dome at Market Hall here.