36,000 eco heroes across Plymouth!

Green Minds is excited to be teaming up with Pollenize on the their Seeds for Schools project!

The Seeds for Schools project has equipped every school child in Plymouth with a packet of wildflower seeds. That's 36,000 packets of seeds across the city which are going to be sown across the city in pots, window sills and gardens.

These seed packets contain a mix of native wildflower seeds. Pollenize has developed citizen science seed packets informed by government databases! The unique seed packet recipe has been chosen to benefit the most number of pollinator species (Bees, Butterflies & Hoverflies) over the longest flowering period to ensure there is plenty of pollen and nectar as well as associated insects to promote complex healthy habitats and food webs… Find out more here!

Our very own Urban Ranger, Helen from Devon Wildlife Trust, filmed the video which has been sent to all schools, teaching them how to sow the wildflower seeds. Take a look below...