40% of grass to be left uncut for nature in Plymouth!

Plymouth City Council has sought advice from experts, both externally and through Green Minds about the best ways to manage grassy areas, balancing the needs of wildlife and people. 40% of grass is going to be left unmown to provide spaces for wildlife to live and feed. Read more here!

Plymouth City Council has announced that where they’ve got grassy areas that are of more use to wildlife than people - like steep banks, some verges and the fringe of open spaces - they’ll be cutting around the edges and then leaving the rest to grow wild.

This will be great news for people and wildlife. Longer grass and flowers provide food and homes for pollinating insects like bees and butterflies – and all manner of wildlife, help reduce our total carbon footprint and by the summer, will mean there will be all kinds of interesting colours and life where once there was only green.

Through the Green Minds partnership, Emily from Devon Wildlife Trust went to Plymouth City Council's Prince Rock depot to talk to the Street Services team about the importance of their work in helping wildlife to thrive around Plymouth.