Doors of Discovery tree trail in Central Park!

If you go down to Pound's Park, you might well spot the brand new Doors of Discovery tree trail...

Where do the beautiful, exotic trees in Pounds Park come from?...

...The Green Minds project teamed up with Earthjump and Montpelier Primary School 'Eco Warrior' pupils to answer this very question!

Many special trees grow in the park thanks to global travellers of the past who imported the plants from abroad. Using this as their starting point, the children at Montpelier then added some dragons, intrepid sea journeys, and folklore -weaving truth with imagination- to tell the stories of how 9 of these trees came to be in Pounds Park.

With the help of Thrussells and the Street Services team, these stories were transferred onto 9 story 'Doors of Discovery', forged on copper and illustrated with different parts of the children's stories. These doors are now planted in the park, alongside the trees in the stories, as a tree trail for passers by to enjoy. We hope that the Doors of Discovery will encourage people to take a moment to notice these incredible trees, and that they might just add a little magic to people's days.

Installed at the end of August, we have already had positive feedback, with one resident writing in to say:

'A good number of plaques have been "planted " alongside numerous trees, explaining where they come from and various snippets of information.

A brilliant idea, and one that both encourages people to come to the park, and, at the same time educate!!! I never knew that if you count how many hands it takes to circle a sweet chestnut then multiply by twenty, that's how old it is!!!!'

Next time you're in the park, why don't you look out for the Doors of Discovery and see where they take you...