Eco Warriors help wildlife in Central Park!

The Eco Warriors from Montpelier Primary School have been busy snowdrop planting and caring for trees at Central Park with Tess Wilmot from Food Plymouth!

Zoo Field in Central Park is becoming better for wildlife and people, and last week, Tess Wilmot from Food Plymouth was joined by Jake Abbott and their amazing Eco Warrior team from Montpelier Primary School!

The group had a great time in Central Park, doing activities like snowdrop planting, mulching around the fruit trees (planted over winter), as well as learning about trees, plants and ecosystems. Many have been inspired to revisit the park and take up gardening at home or in school.

Jake Abbott, who leads the Eco Warrior group, explained "Tess did such an incredible job of maintaining the children’s interest all the while driving the importance of taking care of our environment & surrounding ecosystem."

The children also loved the event, with one of the children in Year 2 saying "It was the best day ever, I have learnt so much about the environment!" Another in Year 5 said "I didn’t quite realise just how connected we all are - humans, plants and animals - it’s awesome!"

Keep an eye out for more coming soon in Central Park with Tess Wilmot and the Eco Warriors!