Get ready for wildlife meadows in Keyham!

Preparations have started to increase and improve the wildlife meadow areas in Keyham’s greenspaces.

More wildlife meadows are coming soon as part of the Keyham Greenspace Improvements! To help these areas grow, some preparation is needed over autumn and this is now happening in Alexandra Park, North Down Crescent Park and Knowle Avenue.

How are wildlife meadows being created / improved?

We are following the advice of our partners at Devon Wildlife Trust to improve and create meadows that are good for wildlife and supportive of Actions for Insects.

This autumn, YGS Landscapes are preparing the ground by doing the following in the areas planned for wildlife meadow:

  • Cutting the existing grass very close to the ground.
  • Removing the grass cuttings.
  • Carrying out a light chain harrowing, which involves disturbing / breaking up the soil to create some patches of bare earth.

Seed is then sown into these areas – in this case, we are using a seed mix with a variety of grasses and wildflowers that people will enjoy while being great for wildlife.

While some seed will be sown this autumn, more seed may be sown in spring to help the meadows establish – keep an eye on our website for more details coming in the next few months!

When will the wildlife meadows grow?

It will take time for wildlife meadows to establish. There may be some new grasses / wildflowers appearing in summer 2023, but it will take a few years for the wildlife meadow to reach its full potential with a variety of plants.

These areas will continue to improve with the appropriate management, which involves the meadows being cut once a year. The cuttings from this are taken away, to reduce the nutrients in the soil which in turn, reduces the quicker-growing grasses and helps other plants to establish.