Plymouth's new female beaver arrives!

We are excited to have started 2021 by welcoming a second, female, beaver into our specially-made enclosure at Derriford Community Park.

Female Beaver Release 7680 2

The first beaver in Plymouth for over 400 years finally has a female companion!

The female Eurasian beaver arrived in Plymouth in January and was immediately released in our specially designed re-wilding enclosure near Poole Farm.

Having left her cage, she swam around the pond for several minutes, before the male emerged from his lodge. They swam together before having a little ‘getting to know you tussle’ in the water.

Like her male friend, the new arrival weights around 20kg and was also caught in the wild in the Tay Catchment in Scotland.

For now, they'll be settling in, getting to know one another, and working out their new territory. We will keep you posted on how they're getting on, so watch this space!