The Village Hub, Stoke

In the heart of Stoke in Plymouth there is an incredible park called Blockhouse- the highest point in the city with breathtaking views. What's also very special about Blockhouse Park is that it is home to The Village Hub, a Community Benefit Society.

We are working closely with The Village Hub, helping it to realise its rewilding ambitions. They successfully secured Green Minds funding and, to date, they have planted over 3000 bulbs and 5 new large specimen trees in their rewilding area. They are also planning to work with Pollenize (another local Green minds Community project) to sow wild flower seed around the park. In their own words: ‘Lockdown showed us how necessary our connection to the natural world is, and we are determined to open up the gift of this to all the residents of the local community by enticing them to come and have a look, dig a bit of earth and allow the space to do its magic!’ Find out more about them here.