Devonport 'Nature Counts'

Date: Friday, August 2, 2024

When: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Price: Free


Join a Plymouth ‘Nature Counts’ day: Uncover the Hidden Wonders of Your Local Parks!

Nature Counts’ events are being run as a collaboration between Pollenize and the Green Communities team.

Location: Devonport Park Higher, PL1 4BT

Meeting point : TBC

Why get involved?

  • Find hidden wildlife: Find lots of different wildlife thriving on your doorstep. From blooming plants, hidden insects and fascinating fungi, prepare to be amazed!

  • Reconnect with the natural world: Get outside and enjoy your local nature space- take some time to take in its sights and sounds!

  • Meet new people in your neighbourhood: Join fellow nature lovers, families, and citizen scientists to find out more about local wildlife. Share your passion for nature and make new friends.

  • Open to everyone! : No plant or wildlife knowledge is needed! Our experienced team will guide you through the identification process, making this a fun and educational experience for everyone. All you need is a smart phone! - we can provide a tablet or plant ID book for those who do not want/or wish to use a smartphone.

  • Contribute to research efforts: The data we collect together will help us to understand our city’s wildlife better and inform future work around how to improve these nature spaces


Nature Counts is more than just a fun day out!

You'll be getting involved in:

  • Collecting valuable nature data: This data is key to unlocking the secrets of our local wildlife and plant life. With this information, we can create even more amazing nature spaces in the future!

  • Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’)-powered species identification: Pollenize uses cloud-based technology and AI, alongside expert input, to identify the maximum number of species possible.

  • ‘Floradex’ biodiversity tracking: Information gathered is then fed into a powerful data tool developed by Pollenize and the University of Plymouth, Floradex. This AI-powered platform analyses land data and suggests the best plants to put in a space to make it the best it can be for wildlife.

Bioblitzes are not only great for mental and physical well-being, but also provide crucial support for Pollenize's mission to restore biodiversity in urban areas like Plymouth and beyond.

Join the project: You will need to download the FREE iNaturalist app and join the 'DEVONPORT PARK NATURE COUNTS' project - this is how Pollenize will collect the biodiversity data from attendees. Here are some step by step instructions to help you.

Health and safety:

  • Please dress for the weather and wear suitable footwear! If it’s hot make sure to bring sunscreen and water. Stay hydrated and wear a cap if you have one.

  • Stay within the site boundary, and watch your footing for uneven terrain

  • Pollenize will be providing hi vis jackets, please keep these on during the event and make sure you know who the first aider is

  • Don’t handle insects or plants that you’re not familiar with

  • Keep track of time, and remember to meet back at the designated check-point at the end of the event (usually the event flag

Data Protection and Sharing Consent
By taking part in this event you agree with the Green Communities Data Protection Statement

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