Our Data

This page shows some of the data we are already collecting in or around green and blue spaces in Plymouth. We will keep adding to it over time, and hope you give us your suggestions for what new data you would like to see here.

Soon we plan to have a dashboard highlighting some of the interesting data about the parks. What would you like to see on the Dashboard? Let us know here.

Live Data from across Plymouth

Temperature in Plymouth at the moment

So, what are we looking at here? Well, along the vertical line, we have the temperature, and along the horizontal line, we have the time. We can see how the temperature goes up and down according to the time of day and any warm spells or cold snaps we might experience over 24 hours.

Temperature in Plymouth at the moment

Humidity in Plymouth right now

Particulate matter in Plymouth (source: Defra Air Quality)

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If you are interested in using our data feeds for your own projects, you can find a list of available feeds here:

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