Celebratory Flax Project Exhibition

Following the success of the Thorody Flax Project Creative Commission, we were delighted to be part of the celebratory exhibition, hosted by Low Carbon Devon at the Sustainability Hub, University of Plymouth.

The exhibition saw many people who have been involved in the creative commission come together to take pride in their work. The flax was grown, tended, dyed, and woven in Keyham -alongside the Keyham Green Places community group. The multi-coloured, finished pieces were displayed around the Sustainability Hub in Plymouth city centre for all to admire and enjoy. One of the parents who had been involved in all of the workshops said: 'I loved it, I had no idea how physical the process was, but I really want to do more of it. It was really mindful, too, being outside- planting the flax and watching it grow. My boy got really into it!'.

Amongst the group of people who attended was Ron who lives in Keyham. Ron was so inspired by the project that he decided to use his engineering and boat-building knowledge to build a loom, which you can see in the photos below. Not quite having all the equipment he needed, he teamed up with the University of Plymouth, who offered to help by 3D printing some specialist, bespoke cogs for the loom, also featured in the photo below. Ron gave demonstrations on the loom and taught us how it works.

The exhibition was a wonderful reflection of the groups of people who have made this project such a success, and a celebration of what happens when you weave people, communities, and nature together.

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