Green Minds Creative Commissions- artists announced!

We are excited to reveal the 3 groups of creatives we'll be working with to connect communities across Plymouth with nature- through art!

The 3 groups of creatives offer 3 very different, exciting approaches to nature-inspired art and are shaping their projects alongside Plymouth College of Art and the University of Plymouth as we speak!

First up, we have Vicky from the Thorody Flax project, who will be working with communities in the west of the city to sow a field of flax, tend it, harvest the crop, and then make material from the harvest!

Secondly, we have Tom Milnes, who will be working closely with Plymouth College of Art to create an augmented reality rewilding experience, which will allow participants to glimpse into what a rewilded Plymouth could look like!

Thirdly, we have Gin and Andy from Creative Arts, who will be working with communities around the Stonehouse area, collecting and collating nature stories with participants.

We are excited to see how these projects grow, and will keep you posted on their progress!