Hamoaze House

At Hamoaze House, we are working with the team and residents to create a tree nursery- somewhere to grow and tend seeds and trees until they grow big enough to be planted around Devoport!

Marlborough Street Planters

We have been working closely with the Green Devonport Partnership and local residents on several projects- all of them with the focus of making their local spaces better for wildlife and for people. One example is the Marlborough Street planters which needed some TLC so together, we are giving them a makeover to make them bloom and brighten people's days!


We have teamed up with Headway to provide nature connection sessions with their clients, promoting getting outdoors and wellbeing.

Devonport Park

We have been teaming up with the South Devon Community Forest, helping to plant trees in Devonport Park (and beyond!), including next to Stiltskin's Soap Box Theatre!

Mount Wise Youth Club

We head over to Mount Wise Youth Club to meet up with the young people and give them opportunities to get involved in nature-friendly activities like seedball making!

Meet the team!

Henry (left) and Elliot (right) are the Devonport Neighbourhood team.

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