Urban Rewilding in the North West Neighbourhoods

As part of Green Minds, we have found ways to put wildlife connectivity, biodiversity, and climate resilience, at the heart of communities, particularly in the west of the city. To do this, we have worked with communities to plant trees, create and manage wildlife meadows, and establish spaces for nature and communities to thrive.

Creating wildlife corridors

Green Minds has worked with communities to improve greenspaces and create wildlife corridors in the west of the city, where there is less tree cover and investment. This includes tree planting, managing more meadows and verges for wildlife, and getting the community involved along the way.

Where we’re working

  • Keyham – we’re working alongside the Safer Keyham team to deliver improvements to Keyham’s greenspaces. Co-designed by the community, Keyham’s greenspaces are becoming safer, more welcoming, and better for wildlife. Click here to see the designs.
  • St Levan Park – we’re working with the Building Resilience In Flood Disadvantaged Communities (BRIC) project to promote nature connection and learn about how flooding affects St Levan Park.
  • Weston Mill – we’re looking into ways of better engaging the local community with the wonderful Weston Mill Creek and improving the area for wildlife.

Communities of practice

Green Minds has worked closely with local communities in the west of the city (such as Keyham, Weston Mill and St Budeaux) to identify willing collaborators to take a role in nature recovery in their neighbourhood. Through providing education, training and real life examples of best practice, we have grown a community of practice to promote, protect, repair and grow our urban forest beyond the life of the project. If you live in this area of the city and want to get involved, contact us here or view our rewilding network resources.

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