Green Minds Projects

Green Minds has created ‘wow’ spaces for nature across the city that demonstrate best practice in nature-based solutions.

The work trialled new ways of involving communities and social enterprises in co-stewardship and was supported by apprenticeships, education and engagement programmes.

Research by Plymouth University has evidenced the impact of the investments on behaviours and attitudes towards nature and the creation of ‘green mindsets’.

Beaver in river

Beaver Reintroduction at Derriford Community Park

Creating a regional destination for environmental learning

Bee Walk 2

Rethinking an urban park

This project will test innovative, nature based approaches in Central Park, Plymouth’s largest park.

Dom moore pollenize

Green Enterprise in Devonport and Stonehouse

Enterprise is key to a thriving city and we believe there is an important role for businesses to provide nature based solutions.

Wild meadow 2

Urban Rewilding in the North West Neighbourhoods

Greening grey corridors with trees and wildflowers to increase wildlife connectivity, biodiversity and climate resilience.

Saltram 1

Nature Networks at Saltram Countryside Park

Restoring nature for people across neighbouring landholdings

Circuit board

Living Lab

Digital experiments which give nature a voice, using sensors to collect information on things like wildlife activity, species sightings, air quality, temperature and more.

Dommoore 22 beyondface devonport park 300dpi 1800

Green Minds Creative Projects!

We are exploring how art and creativity helps people to connect with nature...